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Waves -  Abu Dhabi (2019)

LAGI Competition

The WAVES, a landscape design competition in Abu Dhabi, is inspired by the effects of the Persian Gulf on culture and history of the United Arab Emirates. Everything Starts with waves; Pearls, Oil, and trades, which piece by piece creates 7,000 years history. WAVES, inspired by this history, revive the site by integrating streams of life and invite visitors to enjoy in the Masdar city campus. Green spaces and water-bodies weave in together and increase attractiveness and livability of the site.

The WAVES consists of gathering areas and running trails and bike paths covered with transparent and flexible silicon PV that provide shading as well as the view to the night sky. Free-form waves act as the shading device. The smart shades harvest solar power and are used to operate WAVES park equipment such as lighting and irrigations systems.  The smart waves have integrated photo-chromic layers, which are activated by solar radiation and changed the opacity.

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