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Architecture at Zero Competition 2017 

Collaboration with Hadilou Design Studio

​Breathing With Ocean, aims at integrating multiple renewable energy sources into one system to achieve a net-zero goal. This flexible system transforms the spatial characteristics of the site and entangles outdoor programs and activities with the body of water and its wild life habitat. ​Breathing With Ocean, envisions a development that is grown and shaped overtime and creates a reliable platform that generates energy from renewable resources throughout the year and minimizes its dependency on the grid.

Romberg Tiburon Campus relation with the body of water has been essential to it’s historical development and growth. Access to the water has been a source of connectivity, but industrial development has slowly transformed once a diverse water edge into an industrial hardscape. The migration of industrial operations from waterfront and transformation of the site to an educational campus motivates the conversion of water’s edge to an active space which cultivates the culture of creativity and research. This socio-economic evolution, coupled with an awareness of environmental complexities, is offering a new potential for re-imagining a resilient development that engages the students community and public users and addresses environmental challenges such as climate change and energy use.

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