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Tehran Terminal Proposal (Tehran, 2009)

Terminal 2 is located in 20 km south of Tehran in Vahn-Abad desert with limited urban developments and natural green landscape. For serving both runways, Terminal 2 was designed to be at the center of the main access road that includes six lanes and train tracks. Located between the existing northern runway and a planned second runway, Terminal 2 and underground transportation hub encloses 1.1 million square meters and increases airport flight capacity to 46 million passengers per year. Persian traditional handwriting patterns carved out of the facade provide open views to the outside and the sky. Designed as the gateway to Tehran, passengers on board see these illuminated patterns while arriving at the airport.

The primary structure of the building is space frames integrated into an aerodynamic facade. In doing so,  column-less interiors have more spatial clarity and flexibility for adjusting to future expansion and aviation technologies. Ten permaculture gardens connecting all the levels enrich the quality of interiors and reduce the overall energy consumption by improving natural ventilation. The aerodynamic form of the building reduces the wind load, improves the acoustic properties, and increases the energy efficiency of the building.

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