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As a visual artist, I bring my experience in both art and architecture to my teaching. I specialize in Adaptive Kinetic Architectural Design to Regulate Human Emotional States. In my classes, I encourage students to explore different spatial qualities and experiment with new technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). My goal is to help students develop a deeper understanding of the power of space and design to shape our emotional states.

AREN 2002 - Architectural Design Studio 1

This course aims to develop an understanding of the architectural design process as an activity based on observation, critical inquiry, and communication. Through a series of design exercises, this course aims to teach the necessary architectural design skills needed for the creation of spaces that respond to human needs regarding materiality, use, and scale.


AREN 3002 - Architectural Design Studio 3

This course is designed to further the student’s knowledge in the process of architectural design through the studies of ideas, principles, and methods of design. The concepts are explored with the completion of a project, including a residential or a commercial project, which at its completion, will be reviewed by invited guest critics. The course emphasizes the development of form, space, spatial relationships, materials, and architectural presentation techniques through the use of computer graphics. It introduces principles of passive approaches to reduce energy consumption. It also covers building codes in the design process.


FY 1100 - Great Project Seminar 

When volunteers design and build a school in Nicaragua, do they help the community? When you plant a tree on Earth Day, does it make a difference? When you #SyrianRefugee, does it help? In this studio, we will exercise core design principles and techniques to challenge the notion of what is means to ‘be developed’ and design alternatives for progress. Taking into account social, economic, political and environmental factors, we will question the very foundations of development and investigate design concepts concerning form, materials, structure, and systems. What will development of the future look like? That is for us to figure out!

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