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UMASS 9/11 INTERVENTION (Amherst, MA, 2014)

Master Thesis Project (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

The project was a temporary art installation on the UMass campus. The significance of the incidence and severity of that traumatic loss makes a totally well-deserved concern for a memorial on the UMass campus in tribute to those loved souls of the blameless victims of that horrifying tragedy.

The dimensions of the main structure is 9 by 14 feet obtained from the date of 9/11/2001. The ratio of the structure is also close to golden rectangle ratio.  Seven columns which represent the four flights (flight 11,  flight 175, flight 77 and flight 93) and the three buildings (Twin Towers and the Pentagon) hold the intervention structure. The columns are positioned as to represent the chronological order of the events from 5:45 am  to 6:42 pm on the day of 9/11.

Fiber Optic elements represent 2,996 victims of  the 9/11 attacks; a parametric design was used to find the positioning of the fibers. Position and length of the fiber optics were determined by variables such as Name, Age, Year and Place of birth of the victims. In other words, we have 2,996 fiber optic elements with different lengths each identifying a unique victim. Reflections are designed to be a conceptual symbol of the everlasting vernal presence of the victims in our everyday life.

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